Sari Gowarimorohaku Junmaidaiginjo

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Sari Gowarimorohaku Junmaidaiginjo

Hand crafted Junmaidaiginjo. Best when served cold, it makes en excellent pairing with meals, especially Japanese foods, Sushi. You will feel this Sake smoothly enter the body like a light breeze over rice fields.

Volume: 720ml (per bottle)

Alcohol %: 16%

Raw materials: Rice and Koji (Koji mold) 

Sake Rice: Yamadanishiki (produced in Hyogo, Japan)

Semimai Buai (Polishing ratio): 50% (50% remaining)

Acid degree: 1.7 

Tasting note: Flavour is nicely calm to realize small scent in sensitive Japanese foods. Aftertaste is fresh, comfortable acid, smooth and fluid touch, dry, medium body.