About us


Address: 116 Haoka, Takaoka-shi, Toyama, 933-0958, Japan

Homepage: https://www.yamadasaketen.com

Yamadasaketen is established in 1959 as one of Japanese sake retailer located in Toyama, Japan. We are one of traditional official agent designated by Sake Brewery. Third generation of Yamadasaketen took over our family business and manages this international shopping site. Toyama is in Hokuriku area which is in middle north from capital Tokyo. Toyama has beautiful and various food culture. We have plenty sea foods from Toyama bay which snow water flows into. We also have typical foods given from mountains.

"Only the person who has beautiful food culture create beautiful Sake" 

We  can introduce you Japanese Sake especially produced in local Toyama area and the other local area in Japan. The Sake produced in Toyama is beautiful and attractive taste and the key to the enjoyment of the foods and nature.  This "key" is our important values. So, Sake in our shop are selected based on the values. "Foods and Sake" is our important selection point.

(All of premium Sake is kept in this refrigerator.)

Our philosophy:

We keep our best to feel and understand "soul and philosophy of individual maker", and we create a bridge between makers and funs of "Sake".

Individual Sake maker has very sensitive time during brewing Sake in the winter season. They are exhausted at finishing brewing. Their intensive care to Sake brewing over the winter season makes fine quality Sake. We can not drink witout feeling their passion and soul for Sake from glass to glass.   

International shopping site business day is Monday to Friday (except national holiday in Japan) 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM. With regard to after 17:00 PM order, we are going to confirm next business day.