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Tori brand is another brand of Kikuhime.
Kikuhime is located in Hakusan, Ishikawa, Japan. Their Sake brewing started in during 1570 to 1600.
The origin of the name, Kikuhime, is 菊理媛 (Kukurihime) which is the God of worship in Shirama Hime Jinja Shrine.
Kikuhime's thoroughly pursuit for quality of Sake might limit consumers who can understand this traditional taste of Japanese Sake.
Kikuhime ues Yamadanishiki which is produced in the area that has the best environment for Sake rice cultivation.
Area name is 特A 地区 (Special A area).
Kikuhime's ideal taste of Sake needs "Aging". This phiosophy is not seen the trend of Japanese Sake thesedays.
This philosophy is only expressed by traditional Japanese brewery who has their ideal Sake taste.
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