Akebono Daiginjo Uminoshiramine

Akebono Daiginjo Uminoshiramine

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Akebono Daiginjo Umi-no-Shiramine

Umi-no-Shiramie means the blue sea and white mountains with snow in direct translation. Great teacher of 7th generation of Takazawa Brewer (when he was a university student.) visited and saw the view from the third floor. He was impressed with blue sea of Himi and Tateyama mountains over blue sea (This view is rare in the world.), and he named this Sake. In 2021, this Sake received Gold medal at IWC (International Wine Challenge) Daiginjo class. Please enjoy this Sake cold. 

Volume: 720ml (per bottle)

Alcohol %: 17%

Raw materials: Rice, Koji and Distilled alcohol

Sake Rice: Yamadanishiki (produced in Hyogo, Japan)

Seimai Buai (Polishing ratio): 40% (40% remaining)

Tasting note: Extremely elegant Ginjo aroma, sensitive and refined taste, comfortable acid, dry, medium body.