Izumofuji Junmaiginjo Blue Label

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Izumofuji Junmaiginjo Blue Label

Hand cradfted Junmaiginjo Bule Label brewed with Sake rice, Sakanishiki produced in Shimane, Japan, and the soft water of Shimane. Taste of this sake is so fresh and super dry. After opening the bottle, the taste of rice is getting rich gradually. Please enjoy this sake cold, and you can also enjoy the changing of this Sake taste. 

Volume: 720ml (per bottle)

Alcohol %: 16%

Raw materials: Rice and Koji (Koji mold) 

Sake Rice: Sakanishiki (produced in Shimane, Japan)

Seimai Buai (Polishing ratio): 55% (55% remaining) 

Tasting note: Comfortable flavour, a small sweetness of rice, fresh and smooth touch, dry, medium body.