Masuizumi Kameichigo Junmaidaiginjo

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Masuizumi Kameichigo Junmaidaiginjo

"Kame" is 甕 which means earthenware jar. "ichigo" means No.1. The percentage of Koji is higher than the other sake of Masuizumi. You can feel more rich taste of rice. Please enjoy this sake slightly chilled.

Volume: 720ml (per bottle)

Alcohol %: 16% to 17%

Raw materials: Rice and Koji (Koji mold)

Sake Rice: Yamadnishiki (produced in Japan)

Seimai Buai (Polishing ratio): 50% (50% remaining)

Tasting note: Smooth and fluid touch, rich and soft sweetness of rice, comfortable flavour origin from Ginjo brewing, dry, medium body to full body.