Masuizumi Supecial Junmaidaiginjo 2018

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Masuizumi Supecial Junmaidaiginjo 2018

This Junmaidaiginjo is brewed by Masuizumi and aged in oak barrel which is used for white wine. Please try this sake cold at first and enjoy changing of its rich taste according to increasing temperature. 

Volume: 720ml (per bottle)

Alcohol %: 15%

Raw materials: Rice and Koji (Koji mold)

Sake Rice: Yamadanishiki (produced in Japan)

Seimai Buai (Polishing ratio): 50% (50% remaining)

Tasting note: Elegant flavour origin from oak barrel like vanilla or nuts, and delicate Ginjo flavour origin from Sake, rich, complicated and deep taste, dry, medium to full body.