Masumi Yamahai Junmaidaiginjo Nanagou
Masumi Yamahai Junmaidaiginjo Nanagou

Masumi Yamahai Junmaidaiginjo Nanagou

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Masumi Yamahai Junamidaiginjo Nanagou

Renewal Junmaidaiginjo of Masumi. No.7 yeast is isolated in Masumi Kura, and NO. 7 yeast is used in almost Kuramoto in Japan. "Nanagou" in product name means "No. 7" in Japanese. This Sake expresses the good point of taste which can be made with No. 7 yeast. This Sake is made with rice produced in Nagao, yeast from their own Kura and water from the mountains in Nagao. This Sake can express the land of Shinshu (Nagano) very well.   

Volume: 720ml (per bottle)

Alcohol %: 15%

Raw materials: Rice and Koji

Sake Rice: Kinmonnishiki (produced in Kijimadaira, Hyogo, Japan)

Seimai Buai (Polishing ratio): 40% (40% remaining)

Yeast: No.7 yeast (Brewing Association Yeast No.7)

Tasting note: Elegant and comfortable Ginjo aroma derived from No.7 yeast, refined rich  taste derived from Yamahai brewing method, comfortable acid, good balance taste, dry, medium to full body.